Handmade Art at The Packinghouse Gallery

At The Packinghouse Gallery We spend most of our time creating art. We have so many products to offer that it is impossible for us to make an  eCommerce site. We have over 1000 items not including our fine art photography.

 The best way we can offer our items and keep the costs low is to put them in galleries with the number on each file. If you are interested in an item please call us at 727-596-7822. I am old school and like to talk to you about your needs. Learning the story behind the art is as important as the art.

We would love to create art just for you with the colors you want. Just give us a call tell us which item interests you and we can work together.

 Great for Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Corporate Events and Holiday Gift giving.




Give us a call today 727-596-7822