Custom Printing Services at the Packinghouse Gallery

Custom Printing Services


Using Archival Inks
and Substrates

Jim has been a professional printer for 8 years with a background in traditional Black and white and color printing. Experience does matter when it comes to getting the colors of your original to match your reproductions.

  • Luster Surface Paper
  • Watercolor Papers
  • Canvas
  • Silk Material
  • Exhibition Fiber Paper
  • Copy Services Available of your original Art
  • Prices very competitive
  • Call for a free quote today

Properly printing,presenting and preserving your art is the most important thing that you can do in order to have it be around for the next generation to enjoy. Proper ink sets and substates give your art a long lasting presence for the next 100 years.Preserving art through proper framing allows it to increase in value over time. We only use archival materials to ensure that they will maintain their beauty for many years of enjoyment. Jims is an experienced printer and framer. He has helped many artists present their work for gallery shows, exhibits and personal collections for many years.